DDR4 Ram Introduction

Fri Mar 06 2015

0.1 Overview

DDR4 ram is the successor to DDR3 ram and has many benefits. DDR3 ram is currently what most computers use, and it came out in 2007.

0.2 What DRR4 Stand for:

Double Data Rate Fourth Generation Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory

0.3 DDR4 achieved higher efficiency

Time Lapse Programming Zombie game

Mon Jan 05 2015

This is a simple zombie shooter game that I made in visual basics. The graphics are very basic due to copyrights that I wanted to avoid – and lack of artistic abilities. However, this game is meant to be a demo so that you can learn something from what I did. If you enjoyed this feel free to download the source code (linked below).

Ways to Avoid Getting Hacked

Sat Dec 27 2014

Please note that these are just personal recommendations, and this article was written in 2014.

  1. Avoid bad websites.

Time Lapse Programming Pong

Sat Dec 27 2014


VB programming picture
VB programming picture

Should You Run a Server on Desktop Hardware

Sun Dec 14 2014

0.1 Short Answer

The short answer is: yes, if it is not on an enterprise site.

0.2 Long Answer

I have hosted numerous servers on old desktop hardware, there is nothing wrong with this. Old computers can make excellent file, Minecraft, and web servers. However, if you are honestly asking the question “should you run a server on desktop hardware” it implies you are running something important. Don’t get me wrong, running a Minecraft server is very important, however, it is not as important as a production web server for a larger company. In that case it is better to have an actual server with redundant power supplies and hot swappable hard drives.