Why Do I Blog

Tue Feb 06 2018

It seems like there are millions of blogs on the internet. For every popular blog there is, there are hundreds of smaller blogs that go unnoticed. Should you start a blog if it will go unnoticed? Personally, I think the answer is yes. Different people may have different takes on this. There is an incentive to start a website in the hopes that it will become popular and make add revenue. However, I argue that there is a intrinsic value to a personal blog.

1 Organize Your thoughts

Being able to clearly articulate your ideas is beneficial. Having time to brew over topics in a blog posts helps that process. Even though I worked with both Nodejs and PHP, I might not be able to a convincingly debate with somebody why one is the better platform. Writing a blog posts allows me to fully flesh out my own ideas.

2 Learn

Ways to Avoid Getting Hacked

Sat Dec 27 2014

Please note that these are just personal recommendations, and this article was written in 2014.

  1. Avoid bad websites.

Should You Run a Server on Desktop Hardware

Sun Dec 14 2014

0.1 Short Answer

The short answer is: yes, if it is not on an enterprise site.

0.2 Long Answer

I have hosted numerous servers on old desktop hardware, there is nothing wrong with this. Old computers can make excellent file, Minecraft, and web servers. However, if you are honestly asking the question “should you run a server on desktop hardware” it implies you are running something important. Don’t get me wrong, running a Minecraft server is very important, however, it is not as important as a production web server for a larger company. In that case it is better to have an actual server with redundant power supplies and hot swappable hard drives.