How To Make a Graph


Using the form on this page, you enter your steamID and select the graph type you wish to use and then press generate. This will take you to a new page where your graph will render. Rendering will take between 1-4 minutes depending on how many friends you have on your graph. Once all the friends are on the graph, it will shake bringing it to its "final form".


Every steam user has an unique ID. This is NOT your username. If you have steam open, simply click on the profile which you would like to view from your friends list. The steam ID will be in the url that appears in the steam browser.
Steam id in steam browser

Graph Types

  • Friends of Friends Graph

    This graph will display all of your friends in addition to all of their friends.
    friends of friends steam graph

  • Common Friends Graph

    This graph will only display your friends, however, it will draw edges between your friends if they are friends with each other.
    Common friends steam graph