Steam Graph Analysis

This is a project that I threw together during a weekend to play around with graph databases. This project uses the steam api to acquire people's friends lists; this information is stored locally in a gremlin database. The client is sent information to render on their javascript graph as it is pulled from the graph database via a web socket.

Try it out!

Make a Graph

Future Additions

  • Include a steam name to steam id lookup
  • Dockerize this entire environment
  • Connect the gremlin/janus server to a HBase server for persistent storage
  • Get the java web socket to work with ssh -- currently does not work with wss
  • Make more graphs to provide more insights
    • Most common friends of friends -- will show you people you may know
    • Graph of a larger chunk of the steam community
    • Graphs based on common games
    • ...
  • Write more documentation on how the system as a whole works.

If you are interested in this project, or want to help work on it, check it out on github.