Community Architecture Proposal

Thu Mar 05 2020

This is the community architecture proposal for RIT’s HFOSS class.

1 Members

  • Jeffery R: (jxr8142)
  • Ben G: (bag4482)
  • Yann M: (ylm8490)

1.1 Project Selection

We are doing our project on Oh My Zsh. We chose this project because two of our members use Oh My Zsh on a daily basis. We believe that this is a fun project that many people would enjoy using and contributing to.

1.1.1 Description

Oh My Zsh is an open-source, community-driven framework for managing Zsh configuration. It includes many functions, helpers, plugins, and themes.

2 Roles

  • Jeffery: Documentation Expert
  • Yann: Project Coordinator
  • Ben: Tech Lead

3 Source code

Source code can be found on Github

4 Upstream Mentors

  • Marc Cornella
    • github: mcornella
    • email:
  • Robby Russell
    • github: robbyrussell

5 Easy Parts

We believe that the easy part of this project would be to run the git analytic tools and explore the projects communication methods.

6 Hard Parts

The hardest part of this project would probably ironically be coordinating schedules so that we can work on this together.

7 Milestones

To make sure that we hit all the deadlines, we are breaking this down into two sprints.

7.1 Sprint 1

We are placing the timeline for this sprint to be march 18th. During this sprint we want to do the following:

  • run git analytics
  • explore the project to find all their mailing lists, chat channels , etc

7.2 Sprint 2

The second sprint will be due at the same time the final submission for this project is due– march 25th.

This sprint will comprise of:

  • final blog post with a full report
  • making a presentation