Creating a Dynamic Github Profile

Sat Jul 25 2020

Over the last few weeks, Github has been making changes to its UI. I’m the most excited about the feature that enables you to “design” your profile using a readme file. This reminds me of Myspace, where everyone had creative freedom to customize their profiles. Github being a platform for developers, people are already finding innovative ways to utilize this feature.

creation of a readme profile
creation of a readme profile

To create one of these readme profiles, you just need to create a repository with the same name as your account, and the content you put in the base readme file will appear over your pinned repositories on your account.

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Hosting Your Own Gitea Server

Sat May 02 2020

1 The Premis

Last week I started hosting my own git-forge to track sync all of my git projects. Between school, open-source communities, and personal projects, I have accumulated a dubious amount of git projects. Although most of my content gets hosted on Github, I also had a fair quantity of local projects, stuff on scattered GitLab instances, and other places. I decided to use Gitea to mirror all of my repositories and keep them in a central location that I can quickly search for them.

High Level Flow Diagram
High Level Flow Diagram

For simplicity, I decided to host my Gitea instance on a DigitalOcean droplet using docker and add SSL encryption using a reverse Nginx proxy using a let’s encrypt.

2 Installation

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Community Architecture

Wed Mar 25 2020

This is my submission for RIT’s HFOSS Community architecture project. Due to the COVID situation, several changes have been made since I drafted the project proposal. First, this is no-longer a group project. Second, this project is now more focused on comparing the project architectures of two communities rather than running analytics like git by a bus.

Exploring what works and what does not work for different projects can give us valuable insight into trying to create new communities. This is what is truly beautiful about open-source software in its openness giving us the ability to learn from it.

1 Project Introduction

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Community Architecture Proposal

Thu Mar 05 2020

This is the community architecture proposal for RIT’s HFOSS class.

1 Members

  • Jeffery R: (jxr8142)
  • Ben G: (bag4482)
  • Yann M: (ylm8490)

1.1 Project Selection

We are doing our project on Oh My Zsh. We chose this project because two of our members use Oh My Zsh on a daily basis. We believe that this is a fun project that many people would enjoy using and contributing to.

1.1.1 Description

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HFOSS Quiz 1

Wed Mar 04 2020

Answers to a in-Class quiz taken as a part of RIT’s HFOSS class.

1 Question 1

Expand each of the following acronyms (1 pt each):

  • 1.1) IRC – Instant relay Char
  • 1.2) FOSS – Free and Open Source Software
  • 1.3) OLPC – One Laptop per child
  • 1.4) FSF – Free software foundation
  • 1.5) PR – pull request

2 Question 2

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