HFOSS Quiz 1

Wed Mar 04 2020

Answers to a in-Class quiz taken as a part of RIT’s HFOSS class.

1 Question 1

Expand each of the following acronyms (1 pt each):

  • 1.1) IRC – Instant relay Char
  • 1.2) FOSS – Free and Open Source Software
  • 1.3) OLPC – One Laptop per child
  • 1.4) FSF – Free software foundation
  • 1.5) PR – pull request

2 Question 2

What is the name of the version control system we use in this course? (1 pt)

We use git in this class

Bonus: Give the name for another version control system. (1pt)

SVN is another version control system.

3 Question 3

Please give the one-word name for the interface used in the OLPC computers & our VMs? (1 pt)


4 Question 4

Bonus: What is the short, two-letter name for the OLPC computers used in the final project for this class? (1 pt)


5 Question 5

We refer to sites that host source code as “forges”. What is the name of the primary forge used in this course? (1 pt)

We primarily use Github as our forge.

6 Question 6

Bonus: Name the other forge we have used? (1pt)

We use the KGCOE Gitlab instance for our journal eateries.

7 Question 7

Bonus: Name another forge, one we have not used for this course. (1pt)

Bit Bucket, gogs…. there are so many

8 Question 8

The GitHub-specific term to describe the process in which, starting from one repository hosted at GitHub, one creates another repository, also hosted at GitHub, but under the control of a different user account.

a) repository b) branch c) remote d) fork e) clone

d “Fork”

9 Question 9

A collection of related commit objects

a) repository b) branch c) remote d) fork e) clone

This is called a repository a

10 Question 10

A separate, but related, repository from which one may fetch or pull changes into one’s own working copy, and to which in some instances one might have permission to push changes from one’s own working copy.

a) repository b) branch c) remote d) fork e) clone

Remote c

11 Question 11

The general term in git for making an exact, working copy of another repository in which changes can be tracked separately between the two versions.

a) repository b) branch c) remote d) fork e) clone

Clone e

12 Question 12

A namespace in which one can track changes to a set of files within a given repository. This term applies both to the action and to the result of the action. Comparisons (‘diffs’ or patches) can be made between different such namespaces.

a) repository b) branch c) remote d) fork e) clone

Branch b

13 Question 13

We’ve discussed “the four R’s” as a shorthand for the freedoms attached to software for it to be considered “free” or “open source”. List or describe each. (eg, if you can remember the “r” word you can just give that. If you cannot remember the term, but can describe the freedom involved, that also counts). Various “r” words are roughly synonymous for some of the freedoms, but we’re counting freedoms here, not synonyms so if you give two (or more) terms for the same freedom, it only counts once. For the purposes of this quiz, “remix” does not count as describing any of them. (1pt each)

  • Run - ability to freely run the program/software
  • Read - ability to view the source code
  • Redistribute - ability to distribute the source-code after modifications
  • Revise - ability to legally make changes to the software