Ways to Avoid Getting Hacked

Sat Dec 27 2014

Please note that these are just personal recommendations, and this article was written in 2014.

  1. Avoid bad websites.

  2. Have a good antivirus – Malwarebytes is pretty good.

  3. Use a DNS filter like open DNS.

  4. Have a good firewall if you have a front facing IP address.

  5. Use Linux

  6. Avoid less reputable program downloads

  7. Use a VPN on public networks

  8. Use a password manager for storing passwords

  9. Disable Flash

0.1 Linux

Using Linux is not a guarantee way to prevent yourself from getting hacked. However, the way the system partitions memory makes it harder for viruses to gain root control. Nothing is preventing a virus from infecting a Linux machine, especially if you were the one who downloaded it and gave it permission. The likelihood of you stumbling on a Linux virus is less likely because most people write viruses for windows machines. There is a ton of viruses on websites that use JavaScript and Flash that can affect every operating system.

0.2 VPN

Please be smart when using a VPN. Personally, I don’t trust any free VPN or proxy since it opens the door for a man in the middle attack. If you are genuinely concerned about your privacy I would use a personal VPN server is hosted at a place like Digital Ocean.