Why Do I Blog

Tue Feb 06 2018

It seems like there are millions of blogs on the internet. For every popular blog there is, there are hundreds of smaller blogs that go unnoticed. Should you start a blog if it will go unnoticed? Personally, I think the answer is yes. Different people may have different takes on this. There is an incentive to start a website in the hopes that it will become popular and make add revenue. However, I argue that there is a intrinsic value to a personal blog.

1 Organize Your thoughts

Being able to clearly articulate your ideas is beneficial. Having time to brew over topics in a blog posts helps that process. Even though I worked with both Nodejs and PHP, I might not be able to a convincingly debate with somebody why one is the better platform. Writing a blog posts allows me to fully flesh out my own ideas.

2 Learn

When writing a blog post, you want to be complete. If there are any gaps in my knowledge, I will look that information up. This is a great learning opportunity; like taking notes in a class.

3 Stand Out

Out of everyone who uses the internet, only 1% of them contributes additional content. Blogging can make you stand out in a competitive economy when looking for jobs.

4 Relax

This may not be true of some bigger blogs, but, writing blog posts is very relaxing. It gives you time to slow down relax and reflect. There are dozens of distinct types of blogs. Some blogs are more personal like a diary. Other blogs may be very technical. I am going to try to have Jrtechs fall in the middle. There are already millions of tutorials on the internet, I just want to share my experience on topics that interest me. In this way writing blogs are relaxing and don’t feel like work.

5 Become A Better Blogger

There is no way to become better at something other than doing it a lot. Since starting this website when I was middle school, my writing skills have increased considerably. Looking back at some of older blog posts and noticing some of my typos makes me cringe and die on the inside. Despite writing terrible blog posts in the past, I have never regretted doing so. I see them as opportunities for growth. The terrible blog posts that I wrote in the past along with school, has allowed me to write blog posts that are meh. However, being “meh” is ok if you are on the track towards writing better.