2019 in Review

Tue Dec 31 2019

Following the tradition I started last year, I’m making a quick “year in review” blog post. At this point year in review posts are cliché, however, I want to continue the tradition because reflection helps me move forward with a focused vision on what is important. I’m going to chunk this into semesters because that is how my college brain thinks right now.

1 Spring Semester

During the spring semester, I was on CO-OP at RIT doing research.

1.1 Talks Given

  • Intro to R
  • Graph Databases
  • Adversarial Networks in Cyber Security
  • How Hackers use Genetic Algorithms to Develop Malware

1.2 Favorite Blog Posts Written

1.3 RIT Datafest

Data fest is a hackathon for undergraduate students to tackle a problem using a complex dataset. I helped my team develope a neural network that predicts fatigue and performance for women’s rugby players.

1.4 Brick Hack

At brickhack I created an interactive website that allows you to make friends graphs using the GitHub API.

1.5 Imagine RIT

At imagine RIT I presented my musical floppy drive project with RITlug.

2 Summer Semester

During the summer semester, I continued my research CO-OP out in Rome NY.

2.1 Photography

During the summer I picked back up my long lost photography hobby.

2.1.1 Pixely Falls

2.1.2 Oriskany Battlefield

2.1.3 Trip to NJ/NYC

2.1.4 Boldt Castle

2.1.5 4th Of July Fireworks

2.1.6 Little Falls

2.1.7 RIT Observatory

2.2 RIT Research Symposium

Near the end of the summer I presented a part of my research at the RIT Undergraduate research symposium.

3 Fall Semester

During the fall semester I was a busy bee:

  • Took 5 classes
  • SWEN 261 TA
  • Part-time Research Assistant
  • RITlug President
  • RIT AI Member
  • FOSS @ RIT MAGIC member

3.1 Talks Given

3.2 Highlighted Blog Posts

3.3 Maker Faire

This year as RITlug’s president, I organized our presence at the Rochester Maker faire.

3.4 Favorite Day Trips

3.4.1 Cobbs Hill Park

3.4.2 Hamlin Beach

3.4.3 Chimney Bluffs

4 Favorites of 2019

4.1 Movie


4.2 Picture Taken

4.3 Song

Dance Monkey

4.4 TV Show

Mr. Robot Season 4

4.5 YouTube Video

4.6 Book

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

4.7 Selfie

I’m not a huge fan of selfies, but, I liked this photo enough to put it on Linkedin profile.