CSCI 331 Review 2

Mon Nov 04 2019

1 Ch 4: Iterative improvement

1.1 Simulated annealing

Idea: escape local maxima by allowing some bad moves but gradually decrease their size and frequency. This is similar to gradient descent. Idea comes from making glass where you start very hot and then slowly cool down the temperature.

Idea: keep k states instead of 1; choose top k of their successors.

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CSCI 331 Review 1

Sat Sep 28 2019

CSCI-331 Intro to Artificial Intelligence exam 1 review.

1 Chapter 1 What is AI

1.1 Thinking vs Acting

1.2 Rational Vs. Human like

Acting rational is doing the right thing given what you know.

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Teaching SSH Through a CTF

Sun Sep 22 2019

A few weeks ago at RITlug I gave a talk teaching people about how to use SSH. After a quick presentation going over the basics of SSH there was a CTF-esk challenge. We had a great turnout and engagement during this meeting so I look forward to making more interactive workshops like this in the future.

1 SSH Challenge

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Photography in the Age of Social Media

Tue Jun 11 2019

John Green’s recent video on Vlogbrothers got me thinking a lot about why I take photos and the impact that social media has had on my journey in photography.

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A Closer Look at Fitbit Data

Sat May 04 2019

Health trackers are the current craze. After I bought a Fitbit, I wanted to determine what exactly could I do with my Fitbit data. Can we learn something from this data that we did not know before? Most people don’t need a watch to tell them that they walked a lot today or that they got a ton of sleep. We typically have a pretty good gauge of our basic physical health. I am interested in figuring out how we can use data science to look at our health over a longer period of time and learn something.

Lets first look at a few things that people typically use Fitbit data for before we jump into the weeds.

  • Setting Goals
  • Motivation
  • Tracking Progress

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